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Welcome with open arms fellow believers who don't see things the way you do.
And don't jump all over them every time they do or say something you don't agree with
- even when it seems that they are strong on opinions but weak in the faith department.
Remember, they have their own history to deal with. Treat them gently. Romans 14.1: The Message

Sabbath School
Sabbath School lessons and links
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Weekly Sabbath School Lesson Study (2 viewing)
Enjoy the SS Lesson with James Brenneman
40 145
Re: Lesson 5 (3rd 2014) Ho...
(JoeMo) - 07/25/14 08:33 PM
Main Discussion Topics
Main Discussion Topics
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Townhall (34 viewing)
This, that and the other thing.
12088 178098
Re: Quiz: Is That Really i...
(LifeHiscost) - Today at 02:23 AM
Members' Milestones (1 viewing)
Have you gotten married? Have a new grandchild? Finished college? Had your 100th birthday? Share your celebrations with us
10 137
Re: I became a member of t...
(debbym) - 07/26/14 09:07 PM
Townhall - Original thoughts (2 viewing)
Please give your own thoughts, not quote others, Review the single rule for this forum as needed.
Moderator: Tom Wetmore
222 5491
Re: Puzzled about women an...
(Bravus) - Today at 12:53 AM
Real Issues in Adventism today (3 viewing)
Real issues, no abuse. This is NOT a place to confront the 28 fundamental beliefs.
855 20490
Re: Religion is an Argumen...
(LifeHiscost) - Today at 02:39 AM
WHO AM I? (1 viewing)
Tell us a bit about your self..
143 1679
Re: Who Am I? - Smurf
(dgrimm60) - 05/26/14 08:14 PM
Appreciating Adventist Church History
"We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history." Ellen G. White, "Life Sketches," p. 196.
Moderator: Don777
28 279
Re: James White's Essays
(teresaq(sda)) - 07/19/14 05:03 PM
Health Evangelism (3 viewing)
discuss the 'merits' of health evangelism as we SDA's do it now. Some think our 'approach' is more left brain, and a right brain approach might be more effective.
Moderator: Suzanne Sutton
2268 11078
(pkrause) - Yesterday at 10:21 PM
Natter Matters 1.0
For topics that you would perfer not be in the search engines or seen by those passing through
327 8443
Private Thread
Praise Him (1 viewing)
"I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever." -Ps 86:12
95 608
Re: The magnificent 100th ...
(dgrimm60) - 07/05/14 08:29 PM
The Matter of Prayer
The necessity of life. Make your prayer requests here. Please take a moment and pray for one another too. "...The prayer of the righteous availeth much" James 5:16
627 6333
Re: Ebola crisis in West A...
(Gail) - Today at 12:05 AM
User to User Technical Support
Questions on how this forum works?
30 316
Re: uploading a video onto...
(dgrimm60) - 01/28/14 12:27 PM
Word of the Day (and other daily nuggets) (42 viewing)
Quick little blessings for each and every day!
141 28849
Re: Quotes
(pkrause) - Yesterday at 10:42 PM
Things we don't talk about...
Some of the things we do not talk about, that perhaps we should....
78 2695
Re: the Ellen White Americ...
(JoeMo) - 07/21/14 01:45 PM
Religious Liberty Issues 370 3463
Re: Supreme Court Decides ...
(hch) - 07/09/14 10:35 PM
All Adventist TV Networks (9 viewing)
Great things that are happening on 3ABN, HOPETV and LLBN.
167 1057
Re: New Installation Video...
(dgrimm60) - 02/10/14 11:10 AM
World Affairs (6 viewing)
Wars, rumours of wars, bombing, injustice, good news... bad news relating to world events, this is the home for those
14604 72387
Re: Hamas vs. Israel: The ...
(joeb) - Yesterday at 04:13 PM
Feeds from Adventist bloggers or forums
Test forum of RSS feeds from other adventist forums or blogs.
2 35
Re: The Two Witnesses
(Aliensanctuary) - 04/23/14 06:15 AM
Household Tips
Share them here.
7 84
Re: 10 Cooking myths
(Ellen) - 07/05/14 11:11 PM
Administrative Menu
Must reads!!! :)
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Messages from the Administrators
Messages from the Administrators
20 71
Re: To Ignore a Member
(Windsor) - 12/13/13 10:14 PM
Bible, Theology and Related items
Serious Topics.... in depth discussion... Questions? Things to share? This is the place...
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Theological Townhall (19 viewing)
Serious discussion here, sometimes not serious. Let others explore your ideas while you explore theirs....
2825 133538
Re: One man's mystery
(JoeMo) - Yesterday at 09:15 PM
Origins (3 viewing)
"Where do we come from? Creation, evolution and other issues related to the origins of life and the universe"
Moderator: Bravus
429 14155
Re: T Rex soft tissue expl...
(Igakusei) - 07/24/14 11:19 PM
What Seventh-day Adventists Believe (7 viewing)
A Bible Believing People
885 28359
Re: James White on Seventh...
(Kevin H) - Yesterday at 08:11 AM
Biblical Lifestyles
Ancient Customs from Biblical Times- Are They Relevant to Us Today?
Moderator: Gail, Kevin H
167 1214
Re: Ishmaelites wrote part...
(Gregory Matthews) - 07/27/14 04:59 PM
Facts of the Faith
Interesting details about the history of Christianity
Moderator: Gail
52 401
Re: Garden of Gethsemane
(Kevin H) - 07/11/14 05:38 AM
Bible Promises
Bringing hope to the soul
Moderator: Gail
175 597
Re: If I don't wash you...
(Gail) - 05/19/14 12:34 AM
Words to Live By (1 viewing)
Practical Biblical principles on how to live
Moderator: Gail
208 766
Re: Reinhard Bonnke
(dgrimm60) - 07/25/14 11:39 AM
Adventist Facebooks, bloggers and other websites
Promote your blog, facebook or online supportive ministry.
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Member Website (1 viewing)
A place to list the website of your Personal, Church, Ministry or Business Website. All we ask is that you also add a link to on your site. This is set up so that any link you post here will be googled. That is a free service.
122 746
Re: Video Productions Will...
(pkrause) - 06/10/14 11:04 PM
Movies and music
One of the parts of our life we often do not talk about.
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Videos Made by ME
This is the place where you can add your own videos
25 111
People people
(David Clement) - 06/11/14 06:28 PM
Music - Christian 279 1534
Re: Nature videos
('nuff sed) - 07/04/14 05:06 PM
Music - Secular 63 370
Re: Old fashion Cello Batt...
(dgrimm60) - 02/26/14 01:23 PM
Movies - Christian
Good videos? Movies? Recommend or avoid, tell it here...
189 1061
Re: The Hiding Place
(Miss Jessie) - 03/21/14 10:36 PM
Movies -Secular
Recommend good ones, and why, and why to avoid others.
38 229
Re: Hollywood Whitewashing...
(dgrimm60) - 07/10/14 05:29 PM
The Photo Booth
Share your favorite photos here, or ask questions about photoshop with the moderators.
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Photographer Products. (1 viewing)
Have products you recommend? List them here. I can put up a link to get them on amazon. (if they have it for a good price)
4 77
Re: Best selling cameras o...
(Geoarrge) - 04/13/14 04:38 PM
Photoshop, photography and more (1 viewing)
Questions about taking great photos, or how to photoshop them to make them better or unique
Moderator: antcreations
26 1257
Re: Mr. Murphy
(RLH) - 06/01/14 03:35 PM
Photos by John317
Moderator: John317
849 2290
Re: Times Square
(Nan) - 07/24/13 01:59 PM
Photos by Tom 83 299
Re: Bumblebee on Salvia
(dgrimm60) - 07/27/14 12:54 PM
Photos by Nan
When she is not 'catching babies' Nan travels and seems to always catch great photoshots. I have asked her to share them her.
251 798
Re: Port of Auckland NZ at...
(Nan) - 11/26/13 05:22 AM
Photos by PKrause 21 98
Re: My sweet ride for a fe...
(pkrause) - 03/14/11 11:15 PM
Show your photos here.
Share your photos here. Interested in your own gallery? Ask an Administrator.
106 620
Re: Bravus in Vancouver
(pkrause) - 07/16/14 10:53 PM
Vacation Spots
Vacation and travel shots. Open to everyone
7 28
Re: Lake Peyto, September...
(dgrimm60) - 12/10/11 08:23 PM
Birds I have shot
Post pictures of birds, and please give us their names
102 376
Re: Noisy Friar Bird
(Gail) - 07/19/14 02:47 PM
The Sports Forum
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World Cup
Soccer, the International Sport
Moderator: abelisle
15 452
Re: World Cup 2014
(dgrimm60) - 07/13/14 05:40 PM
Sports (7 viewing)
NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, Cricket, Rugby and Fantasy leagues.
184 34224
Re: MLB 2014 Season
(pkrause) - Yesterday at 07:26 AM
All About Books
Our Church was formed to organize the distribution of our literature, I still support that.
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Club Adventist Member's Books
Where members of the AdvenistForum,com can post their published books, and how to get them.
38 647
Re: How/where do I look to...
(Aliensanctuary) - 03/16/14 06:40 AM
Books wanted/Books for sale
Have great books for sale? Want some?
37 348
Re: What to do with all th...
(pamarnold) - 05/14/14 04:46 PM
Reading Pleasure
What are you reading right now? Share your thoughts on your latest "book on the go"
56 898
Re: Book of Martyrs
(Miss Jessie) - 03/21/14 09:32 AM
New Book Reviews
Read a good book lately? Tell us about it here
59 494
Re: Book "Face yourse...
(Son) - 05/27/14 02:24 PM
Ask a Someone who knows.....
Questions? Curiosity?
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Ask a SDA satellite systems expert
Need help setting up? Adjusting? Purchasing a system? Sharing ideas?
Moderator: MaxO
6 16
Re: Water In Your Ground B...
(dgrimm60) - 06/10/14 05:45 PM
Ask a PC/Windows Expert
Those using Windows and needing help or can help
Moderator: Joel
147 943
Re: Do I have a serious pr...
(Joel) - 05/14/14 04:56 PM
Ask a Mac Expert
Mac fans, their computers, and the problems
Moderator: Joel, Sid
93 619
Re: OK going to bite the b...
('nuff sed) - 03/24/14 04:11 PM
Ask a Physician
Moderator: Gerry Cabalo, Sid
89 1058
Re: Laxative Use
(Gerry Cabalo) - 07/26/14 02:45 PM
Living with....
You do not have to be alone....
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Living with Grief
A Private forum, join by request
Moderator: LynnDel
57 348
Private Thread
Adventist News
Keep current on Adventist News from around the world. NEWS CONNECTS US AS A CHURCH FAMILY.
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Adventist News Network
Updates from ANN as they happen
2 6
Re: Pan-American Health Or...
(dgrimm60) - 07/09/14 08:37 AM
News in the news
Current news from various sources, not generally Adventist News.
3120 5048
Re: CNN Feeds Netflix's mo...
(dgrimm60) - 06/10/14 03:07 PM
Adventist World News (3 viewing)
Lets you know what is going on in the Adventist World. REPORTERS WANTED.
885 3159
Re: She Missed Flight 17 B...
(hch) - Yesterday at 02:31 PM
Hangin' Out
Groups for Like-Minded People
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Silver Circle
If you have had enough life experience to see your child grow up, or have lived through a war or have 'been there done that' for a lot of things, then this is for you,
Moderator: Jeannieb43
148 709
Re: Seems legit :) as an...
(pkrause) - 04/02/14 05:14 PM
Personal Christian Experiences
Personal Christian Experiences
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Communion with God
This is a quiet corner where you talk with God. Send Him your praises, ask Him your questions, direct your prayers to Him.
Moderator: Gail
28 106
Re: Thanking God for Break...
(dgrimm60) - 10/10/13 02:15 PM
Something GREAT Happened to Me Today
Been Blessed? The place to share it.
85 464
Re: Another God thing
(LifeHiscost) - 01/15/14 12:28 AM
Inspirational threads
Moderator: Denise
661 1569
Re: Press Your Case
(dgrimm60) - 03/22/14 09:15 AM
Pastor Harold
The most excited man I know for the Gospel and for God
127 537
Re: Costly love!
(dgrimm60) - 06/30/14 06:20 PM
Humor - -
and most interesting pieces of useless information :)
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Urban Legends
Did you hear? Is it true that?
50 329
Re: Eric B Hare
(dgrimm60) - 01/07/14 07:18 PM
Humor (1 viewing)
Laughter is the still the best medicine. No sexual jokes please
2926 8348
Dead or Alive?
(pkrause) - Yesterday at 10:54 PM
Ellen G White, her life and teachings
Ellen G White, her life and teachings
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Statements attributed to EGW but not hers
From the Ellen White Estates
23 69
Re: Using Testimonies in t...
(Johann) - 08/22/13 01:45 AM
Controversial statements by EGW
Comments Regarding Unusual Statements Found in Ellen G. White's Writings. From the EGW Estates
20 188
Re: England to Declare War...
(BobRyan) - 03/12/13 07:52 AM
Statements by those who are not friendly to EGW
Suggested Sources to Respond to Representations Made in the Video "SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISM, THE SPIRIT BEHIND THE CHURCH" Response prepared byThe Ellen G. White Estate and the Biblical Research Institute
33 194
Re: 19. Seventh-day Advent...
(Redwood) - 01/20/10 11:33 PM
Australian/New Zealand
For members and friends of the SPD
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Politics... did you HEAR?... List your Adventist business, MARMITE is on sale WHERE? Sanitarium Foods is doing WHAT?
Moderator: Nan
259 1239
Re: Adam Goodes in "S...
(hch) - Yesterday at 09:38 PM
He will swallow up death forever. The Lord will wipe away all tears from all face.
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Deaths and Obituaries - Other Public Figures 41 191
(rudywoofs) - 07/21/14 11:12 AM
Deaths and Obituaries - Adventist (2 viewing)
Out of respect for those we love, and the great hope and promise that the sting of death will be no more, we remember you. "God will swallow up death forever, and our Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all our faces ..." Isaiah 25:8
484 1735
Re: Greg Budd, author
(Gail) - 06/28/14 06:00 PM
If you purchase from Amazon, please purchase here.

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