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#48143 - 07/31/05 09:38 AM Stephen D. Lewis

The evangelist Steven Lewis in a Southern California conference recently took his vacation time and go to overseas to a Historic Adventist gathering to hold a evangelist meeting where scores of converts were baptized. On returning he was fired by his employer, then later his employer recanted and re-hired him. What is his status now, does he still have a job with the Calif.conference?

#48144 - 07/31/05 01:58 PM Re: Stephen D. Lewis [Re: ]

I might add that while I was on the the Oklahoma camp grounds last week, a man came up to me passing out Stephen Lewis CDs. The title was "No new organzation". I know that no unauthorized literature is allowed there on these grounds so I asked this man if he had permission from leadership to ciculate these CDs. He became very defensive, saying "why it is truth brother, what's wrong with that?" I said "nothing is wrong with me about circulating anything as truth can stand investigation". But after listening to this CD twice, I had something to say when I see that innocient people are still being oppressed. Yes God's service is being brought to disrepute & etc. by men of the cloth professing to be heaven's spokepersons. This 75 min. CD will be on my website soon. Look for the title. "Examining the teachings of Stephen Lewis".

#48145 - 08/01/05 09:29 AM Re: Stephen D. Lewis [Re: ]

Does anyone know if Stephen Lewis still allows the name "Bishop" be attached to his name?

#48146 - 08/01/05 10:09 AM Re: Stephen D. Lewis [Re: ]
Ron Lambert Offline

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A California conference evangelist who calls himself a bishop? Now you've got me worried....

#48147 - 08/01/05 12:57 PM Re: Stephen D. Lewis [Re: Lauralea]
Happy Birthday StanJensen Offline

I have already made 100 posts, seems iike I just started

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My friend Stephen Lewis, is not employed by the Southern Cal Conference, and has not been for a while.

He does use the biblical title Bishop when he does crusades in towns that respond better to that, as Bishop Liske did on Religous Townhall.

#48148 - 08/01/05 01:30 PM Re: Stephen D. Lewis [Re: StanJensen]

Stan when you say that SL is "not now" employed by a Calif. Conference, are you talking about days, weeks or months? The reason I ask is I have missionary friends that take 12,000 pounds of the book "Steps To Christ" to Mexico every winter to scatter there, they are really impressed with SL preaching after I purchased for them the entire "Pentecost 2000" videos for them to use as a tool while "South Of The Border Down Mexico way..."
PS. If anyone desires SL to come preach in your city, just make sure there is a four star hotel there or you may have to find another speaker.

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