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  1. Townhall

    181,468 posts

    This, that and the other thing. Please refrain from political or theology in this one.

    Please give your own thoughts, not quote others, Review the single rule for this forum as needed.

    Theological Townhall

    138,750 posts

    Serious discussion here, sometimes not serious. Let others explore your ideas while you explore theirs....

    Real issues, no abuse.This is NOT a place to confront the 28 fundamental beliefs.



    9,187 posts

    Laughter is the still the best medicine. No sexual jokes please

    Updates and other details.  ClubAdventist get-together? Let Stan know and he can add you to list, and give details as they come about.

  2. FAQ for this unique section of the board. Read this first!

    We Offer

    118 posts

    A group of godly, praying mothers-in-Israel will minister to you here. All prayer requests treated with dignity and privately. If you are in need of compassion, love, encouragement and hugs, this is the place to make it known

    You Offer

    172 posts

    Submit praises, thanks, answers to prayer, poems and other art, Scripture and other meaningful items intended to bless others

  3. SSNET feed

    913 posts

    Posts and other info from the SSNET.ORG. This is a great service to our members world wide. THANK INGA

    Amazing facts SS

    100 posts

    SS Conversations from Amazing Facts

  4. Questions on how this forum works?

    Have questions about how the Church works? Chaplain Gregory Matthews has years of experience in this matter.

    Family Heritage

    195 posts

    Are you interested in your family history? Do you have interesting stories about your ancestors? Have a genealogy question? Share your stories, comments, and questions!

    Have you gotten married? Have a new grandchild? Finished college? Had your 100th birthday? Share your celebrations with us

    WHO AM I?

    1,731 posts

    Tell us a bit about your self..

    Health Evangelism

    12,720 posts

    discuss the 'merits' of health evangelism as we SDA's do it now. Some think our 'approach' is more left brain, and a right brain approach might be more effective.

    One of the most important issues of our time.

    Praise Him

    701 posts

    "I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever." -Ps 86:12

    The Matter of Prayer

    6,513 posts

    The necessity of life. Make your prayer requests here. Please take a moment and pray for one another too. "...The prayer of the righteous availeth much" James 5:16

    Quick little blessings for each and every day!

    "We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history." Ellen G. White, "Life Sketches," p. 196.

    Some of the things we do not talk about, that perhaps we should....

    Great things that are happening on 3ABN, HOPETV and LLBN.

    World Affairs

    66,143 posts

    Wars, rumours of wars, bombing, injustice, good news... bad news relating to world events, this is the home for those


    Test forum of RSS feeds from other adventist forums or blogs.

    Household Tips

    88 posts

    Share them here.

    Featuring Adventist Mission and other mission stories

  5. Origins

    15,272 posts

    "Where do we come from? Creation, evolution and other issues related to the origins of life and the universe"

    A Bible Believing People

    Biblical Lifestyles

    1,278 posts

    Ancient Customs from Biblical Times- Are They Relevant to Us Today?

    Facts of the Faith

    444 posts

    Interesting details about the history of Christianity

    Bible Promises

    655 posts

    Bringing hope to the soul

    Words to Live By

    820 posts

    Practical Biblical principles on how to live

  6. Videos Made by ME

    116 posts

    This is the place where you can add your own videos

    Movies - Christian

    1,074 posts

    Good videos? Movies? Recommend or avoid, tell it here...

    Movies -Secular

    574 posts

    Recommend good ones, and why, and why to avoid others.

  7. World Cup

    452 posts

    Soccer, the International Sport


    35,892 posts

    NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, Cricket, Rugby and Fantasy leagues.

  8. News from http://emfadventist.org/

    Adventist World News

    5,060 posts

    Lets you know what is going on in the Adventist World. REPORTERS WANTED.

    News releases and updates from the Trans Europrean Division

    Updates from ANN as they happen

    News in the news

    12 posts

    Current news from various sources, not generally Adventist News.

  9. Singles

    3,369 posts

    The Happening Place

    Silver Circle

    720 posts

    If you have had enough life experience to see your child grow up, or have lived through a war or have 'been there done that' for a lot of things, then this is for you,

  10. Communion with God

    108 posts

    This is a quiet corner where you talk with God. Send Him your praises, ask Him your questions, direct your prayers to Him.

    Been Blessed? The place to share it.

  11. Urban Legends

    330 posts

    Did you hear? Is it true that?

  12. From the Ellen White Estates

    Comments Regarding Unusual Statements Found in Ellen G. White's® Writings. From the EGW Estates

    Suggested Sources to Respond to Representations Made in the Video "SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISM, THE SPIRIT BEHIND THE CHURCH" Response prepared byThe Ellen G. White Estate and the Biblical Research Institute

  13. Townhall

    1,258 posts

    Politics... did you HEAR?... List your Adventist business, MARMITE is on sale WHERE? Sanitarium Foods is doing WHAT?

  14. Out of respect for those we love, and the great hope and promise that the sting of death will be no more, we remember you. "God will swallow up death forever, and our Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all our faces ..." Isaiah 25:8

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