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Outside the limits

In the developing days of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,  members and leaders came from a variety of denominational backgrounds. l as  such their understandings of various Biblical teachings differed.  Over time, some common unity was achieved on doctrinal issue considered foundational to the SDA Church.  But, even on some aspects of those issues as well as on other issues a diversity of opinion  continued to exist.  This is true today.  Seventh-day Adventists, continue to have a range of beliefs and life-style understandings, yet they are all included  as faithful, committed members.  However, there are limits to this range of beliefs.  Some members, may have doctrinal understandings that are well outside of the norm.  It is for these issues that this section of this forum exists.  Persons who wish to discuss these outliers of belief will have those discussions move to this section.  All who read here should be aware that the posts here are outside of the norm for Adventism and do not represent official SDA belief.



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    If you have thoughts, and ideas, out site the normal limits of an Adventist forum, please contact me for your own forum, it must be kept civil.  A small monthly donation would be reasonable and expected to help cover bandwidth and forum expense.

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