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Christopher Lowell, father is SDA Minister


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Christopher Lowell designs niche on the tube <BR>LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Look out, Martha Stewart. Decorator Christopher Lowell is hot on your trail. Like you, he's got his own decorating show and a line of products. <P> VIDEO <BR> CNN's Gloria Hillard talks with the Discovery Channel's over-the-top interior decorator<P>Play video<BR>(QuickTime, Real or Windows Media) <BR> <BR> <BR>The flamboyant Lowell -- he's been known to dress in drag while the cameras capture his every antic -- hosts a decorating series, "The Christopher Lowell Show," on the Discovery Channel. The show is currently one of the highest-rated series on daytime TV. <P>He doesn't teach you how to make homemade candles, how to set a table for 24 properly or how to raise free-range chickens. The son of a Seventh Day Adventist minister, Lowell uses his show to preach another, more practical, gospel -- his products sell at Burlington Coat Factory stores, and the colors in his line of paints are based on the major food groups. <P>But Lowell feels he's not merely offering decorating tips. "I believe as you change the interior of your home you're also changing the interior of your head," says the lifestyle guru. <P>And, be forewarned, Ms. Stewart: Lowell is said to be developing his own talk show. <P>

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Oh, dear, and I like that show, too. He does have some good decorating and craft ideas. I guess that explains why he talks about having lived in various parts of the country. He was once part of the Great Advent Movement!

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