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I sat in Stephen Spielberg's college chair!


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While working as staff at California State University of Long Beach, I had the opportunity to help and work with many departments, including the media department where Stephen Spielberg first attended college.<P>It was rather exciting to talk with those instructors who taught Mr. Spielberg. I got to see Mr. Spielberg's first movie too, a short 8mm movie with no sound that was shot out in the Southern California desert. <P>One day this particular teacher whom become friends with Mr. Spielberg pointed out Stephen's favorite chair in what would be considered the school's screening room. It was in the front row. I sat down in it. <P>Interestingly, Mr. Spielberg was told by the dean at that time at CSU Long Beach that he would amount to nothing. A few arguments took place and Mr. Spielberg felt dejected and quit attending the university. Later, this event was devasting to the university as Mr. Spielberg gave millions in donations to another university in Los Angeles.<P>As one of Mr. Spielberg instructors shared with me, later Stephen would drive almost everyday from Long Beach up to Universal Studios and actually sneak through a fence and hang-out on some of the various movie sets learning. People saw him around so often that everyone thought he worked on the lot!<P>Following, Stephen became friends with a movie projectionist that ran one of the screening rooms for a major producer located on the Universal lot. The projectionist promised Stephen that if ever the opportunity arised to show a director his short 8mm movie, he would.<P>His promise was kept. One day a major producer was waiting for a canned film to arrive to be reviewed. In his haste, the producer asked the projectionist if there was anything new he could put on to see. The producer then watched the beginning talents of Mr. Spielberg's work and soon following Stephen was making JAWS. <P>In any event, no SDA connections, but a bit of urban legend in place. []http://www.clubadventist.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif[/]<P>Blessings.<p>[:"#800080"][This message has been edited by cyberguy (edited December 22, 2000).]</font>

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