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Busta Rhymes


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Did a quik search online of Busta Rhymes and Adventist and came up with dat one ofhis rhymes says "Seventh-day Adventist" in it. But it's pretty foul and rhymes with "dentist"

Artist: Rampage f/ Da Flipmode Squad

Album: Scout's Honor By Way Of Blood

Here is lyrics from another song:

"Smoke method with Method Man being chased by thirty Methodists

Seven day adventist tempt this and try to prevent this

So I curse like the Motto leaving them praying/preying like the mantis"

Beeyootiful, but probly won't be hearing it in church no time soon.

Here is also the biography of some guy named Phife Dawg who's grandma was an SDA. He did some work with Busta: http://www.hiponline.com/artist/music/p/phife_dawg/

Anyway, so there you've got it. Not a shining light of Adventism but he is a guy who needs our prayers.


"STRAIGHT OUT OF NYC... Hailing from Queens NY, home of some of the illest emcees alive, PHIFE DAWG was born Malik Taylor. The only child of a poetess and a sports fanatic father who collected Calypso, Reggae and R&B records. PHIFE was exposed to music and the aesthetics of words at an early age. His mother encouraged him to write poetry and Malik would do so with the ease of someone born to write. Splitting time between his family and his grandmother's house - who was a strict 7th Adventist Christian - he would sneak out and into the local house parties, where he stood mesmerized by the beats and rhymes. At age 9, he rhymed as girls pinched his cheek and told him how cute he was. And back in those days you had to be a baller or an emcee to catch the attention of the mocca coloured honeys. Not being tall enough to be a baller he found his way to attract the ladies! Soon PHIFE was ripping his way through lunchroom battles, street-corner confrontations, and ciphers around New York City perfecting his craft. He delved into all aspects of the four elements: breaking and popping, rapping, a little graffing and DJing. But emceeing is what he gravitated towards. And he soon dropped the three, picking up the microphone and began rhyming. At the age of twenty, PHIFE was already a seasoned entertainer. "

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