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I was reading through some old postings and noticed discussions about Eric B. Hare.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Pacific Press has brought him back into print and made him available on audio CD. The book JUNGLE HEROES is a collection of some of Eric B. Hare's best stories. It retails for $9.99US and $14.99CAN. The audio CDs which have some of the same stories are in three volumes. You can buy all three CDs for $24.99US or $9.98each. I remember these stories from my childhood and have bought them for my 7-year-old son so he can enjoy them too.

Also, some of you may remember the old Pokey, Packy, and Sally stories. Pacific Press has brought those back into print and has released them on audio CD as well. The books are $5.99 each and the audio CD is $9.98.

You can get these at your local Adventist Book Center or buy them online at AdventistBookCenter.com. The website is awesome place to search for books because they have sample chapters on there to read before you buy. You can also download free study guides for many of the books at the website and sign-up for free newsletters, as well as lots of other stuff.

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thank you for this info. i can still remember hearing him in person as a child. his wonderful voice and wonderful eyebrows (and the exciting stories from real life) really held us spellbound.

Jeannie<br /><br /><br />...Change is inevitable; growth is optional....

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