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3 word devotional


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If people here are interested I will try and post on a new thread, a daily three word devotional that you can think about all day long.  It comes from KJV bible and I would post the day before.  If you are interested, just let me know and I will post.

For example, the first one would be:

God is Love


the second one is

Peace be still

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thank you for your response....  and yes those are 3 words BUT here is the thing...  they come from KJV bible and are consecutive...something similar to what you have said will be coming soon if people so desire to have these what God has given to keep in their minds throughout the day...


Today's will be:


Giving thanks always

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Those are great suggestions and a form of the fear one is available...  the love one is in a different form as well...  it does make one think however ...  they must come from the KJV bible and the words be consecutive and exactly as written...  I just pray that those that come here and thinking of these three word devotional all day long and that it give spirit and life to you...

Tomorrow's devotional:

Christ is Lord

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Share them with your friends and family and challenge them to keep them in mind all day long.... 


I have one dear friend that is looking up all the texts where these appear... a grand and noble idea to get the full context and also prove that I'm keeping in line with the precious Word.

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while that is true, it is not such in the KJV but there IS something that is similar which I will post soon... thank you...

the next devotional:


LOVE  ONE  ANOTHER    :praise:


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Rejoice in the Lord!


i know it was four words.




Love awakens love.

Let God be true and every man a liar.

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