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The Hour of His Judgment has come: How long was that hour?


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Since an hour is a definite point in time, i.e.,

They arrived at a certain hour.

Work starts at 9:00 AM, etc

And an hour is for a certain duration (9 AM to 10 AM is one hour)

how long is a judgment hour?

It is probable that the Judgment Hour for the dead has come and gone

and likewise the Judgment hour of the living has followed and is also history.

Those are only 2 hours on the clock of eternity.

How long is a Judgment Hour?

His child Henry 

Bible student/Author https://www.loudcry101.com

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I submit this summary without Scriptures to challenge the souls who think among us

The Scriptural evidence is readily available if anyone is interested.

The length of a judgment Hour is 83 years 4 months.

The Judgment of the dead that began at the dead house of God started 22 October 1844

It ended 22 February 1928. The dead have been Judged.

Then came the tarrying time from 23 February 1928 until 13 October 1929.

Thus, on the Day of Atonement 14 October 1929 the dead church was alive again.

The 83-year 4-month Judgment of the living was from 14 October 1929 until 14 February 2013

at which time the 7th head on the living papal beast resigned

in the midst of Babylon's fornication scandal.

We are now at the end of the judgment process

when the Mark of the Beast is to be implemented

and those, who do not know where we are in Bible prophecy who will worship the beast

are to be separated from from the faithful, who do not take the MOB

The Scriptures and the Spirit of prophecy are given in this video


His child Henry 

Bible student/Author https://www.loudcry101.com

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