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My Daughter, Shania

Dr. Shane

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I would appreciate prayers for my daughter, Shania.  She is in her final year as an undergraduate and completing her prerequisites for med-school.  As part of one of her labs she discovered the glucose in her urine was high.  We got blood work done and her blood sugar was normal, a bit on the low side but the glucose in her urine was extremely high.  There were some other issues with her urine too.  She is making dramatic changes in her diet, journaling and doing urine tests at home.  They did determine she has a UTI (urinary tract infection) and she is being treated for that.  She has been under treatment for cists on her ovaries.  We will go back to the doctor for more lab work and an ultrasound the end of next week.

I am encouraging her to feel her feelings.  Eventually she will get to a place of acceptance and whatever the issue is, she will accept it and the treatment and whatever adjustments need to be made will become a new normal for her.  But between now, and that future time, she will experience emotions like fear, disappointment, anger, etc.  Those emotions are part of the path she is travelling.  I have discouraged her from trying to suppress them.  She told me she started crying yesterday when she was going over her lab results from the doctor with her lab instructor at school.  In her situation, not only is she studying to become a doctor, she is surrounded by classmates also on the same path and professors that train our doctors.  That may sound comforting but the information available to her can be overwhelming.

She needs as much prayer as she can get.  He plan is to become a psychiatrist.  If she doesn't get into medical school, her plan B is to enroll in the PhD program in psychology that her current university has.  She is a servant than wants to help other people.

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Will be adding her to our prayer list

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