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Husband In Charge

Gregory Matthews

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Question:  What does it mean when the husband states that he will make all of the decisions?


Answer #1:   Well in our marriage I would point out “no dear, I will decide what divorce lawyer I hire to dump you.”

Answer #2:   I did know a woman whose husband said that and she said OK. she then did nothing. He wanted dinner he decides what it is and cooks it. She badgered him with questions constantly even calling him at work to ask. “What time should I take a shower” then calling back to ask “what soap should I use” then calling back to ask if she should shampoo her hair then it was what towel, the blue one or the green one.

The moment he hit the door she was asking “should I sweep the kitchen?” “what are you going to buy for dinner” “what soap for the dishwasher” “ when should I clean the toilet,” She spent most of the day compiling decisions for him to make. After a week of making all the decisions he crawled down from his idiocy and literally begged her to make most of the decisions he really didn’t want her calling him at work during a meeting to ask if their daughters hair should be braided or not or if their son should wear his sandals or closed shoes. I think the final straw was when she called his office during the lunch hour and left a message with the receptionist saying she started her period should she use a pad or a tampon. The receptionist put it up on the message board open and almost everyone in the office got a peek and teased him about it.

Thanks to Quora and Angela Birch for the above question and answer. 
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