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Season 2 Episode 4 What Kind of Miracle?

Dr. Shane

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In this episode Simon Zee and his brother, Jesse, both have the same problem - self-reliance.  Simon becomes a zealot in an effort to rid the promised land of the Roman occupiers.  He places his trust in violence instead of allowing God to work out the solution.  Jesse seeks pagan cures for his disability instead of looking to God to find purpose and self-worth.  Jesse has gotten to the point of giving up hope.  A point of surrender.  Simon was also at the point of surrender but of a different kind.  Simon was on a suicide mission. He was willing to kill a Roman magistrate knowing that he would be put to death for the crime.  Both running on self-will but disguised as a form of religion.  Simon is moved to go visit Jesse even though Jesse is in a pagan temple of sorts.  Simon knows his crime will make him a martyr.  He goes to say good bye.  At the pool the two confront each other for the lives they have chosen.  Each can clearly see how the other is in a false religion but neither can admit they are wrong.

The miracle that happens in this episode is more than simply healing the crippled man.  It is that the eyes of both Simon and Jesse are opened to the error of their ways.  Many today in the church are holding onto false ideas as much as Simon Zee and Jesse were.  Of course, we have no reason to believe the healed man at the Bethesda pool was the brother of Simon Zee but in this adaption of the story they are.  We know that psychological phenomenas like confirmation bias, as well as simple pride, prevent many people from seeing the error of their ways.  When a person's eyes to open to the possibility that their understanding of Scripture could be wrong, that is a miracle. 


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