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Happiness and Relationships

Dr. Shane

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Studies have shown that money can bring happiness but not for everyone.  The happiness that comes from money is partially from the peace of financial stability.  Another part is the ability to participate in the luxuries of life like new cars, large homes, travel and entertainment.  Most people can find that peace and find rich enjoyment in life with a modest income if they learn basic home finance principles.  That is, a family doesn't need to earn over $100,000 a year reach the plateau of happiness money can offer.

Money, by itself, does not bring anyone happiness.  At best, it simply helps a person be happy.  True happiness really comes from relationships.  Human relationships with each other exist for us to show and receive dignity.   When relationships fail to give and receive dignity, they can become nonproductive or worse.  To understand the truth of this reality one only need to venture into poor churches or travel into the developing world and visit churches there.  Go home with the members.  That is what first really opened my eyes.

As a soldier I was ordered to Panama and sent into the interior part which was all jungle.  I saw children living in poverty like I had never seen in the US.  I grew up in a poor home on government assistance but we were rich compared to what I witnessed in Panama.  What intrigued me is how happy the people were.  After coming home I started look for the answer.  It took years before I was able to connect all the pieces together.  When we have healthy relationships with other people, and a healthy relationship with God, we are naturally going to be happy.  

Relationships is the key to happiness.  Money can help but there are many wealthy people in the world that are miserable.  Most of those miserable rich folks lack healthy relationships.  They don't have close friends.  They are not on good terms with family.  They don't know God.  Building healthy relationships makes all the difference.

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Author of  Peculiar Christianity

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