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Season 2 Episode 7 Jesus is Detained

Dr. Shane

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In this episode Jesus is detained by Roman authorities for questioning.  This story is not Biblical but was simply made-up by the creators of The Chosen to add to the overall story line.  The idea is that as Jesus started to preach more and heal people, the Roman authorities would have taken notice.  How may have they dealt with a miracle man?  Given that the were so many superstitious beliefs during ancient times, it is plausible that the Roman authorities could have believed that Jesus was able to channel supernatural spirits in such a way to perform supernatural acts.  It would be reasonable to believe that such authorities would not want to do anything to stop such a miracle man as long as he was not causing them trouble.  That is basically how the conversation between Quintus goes.  

Quintus questions Jesus and in the process lets Him know that He needs not to make trouble for Rome.  When Jesus says He cannot promise to stop some of the things Quintus is asking Him not to do, Quintus responds, "Don't make me kill you."  Jesus says, that He will not make Quintus do anything.  Quintus lets Jesus leave with a thin threat to not make trouble for Rome.  

I seriously doubt such a conversation every took place between a Roman authority and Jesus.  However, I agree that it is plausible that was the attitude that Roman authorities would have had with Jesus.  As long as He didn't make trouble for Rome, they would leave him alone and He would be a nice "diversion" for the people.



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