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LGBT+ and the Bible

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Since many people today are struggling to understand the Bible’s teachings in relation to LGBT+, I recently did some further study on this in consultation with some highly regard spiritual and academic leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Having said that, the reflections that follow are my own and represent my current understanding on an […]

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The sins of the fathers are passed on to the children of the third and fourth generation; use to seem like an unfair principle to me. But it has come to me that God is looking for individuals who will deal with the evil that their ancestors failed to deal with. He is looking for souls who  say, "The buck stops here." I believe that God deals with sin in an intelligent way and he desires to incorporate the activity and cooperation of human beings to do so. 

Scripture speaks of familiar spirits, or may I say family spirits? So the demons that grandma and grandpa failed to deal with or handed down to us where in the exposing light of God's presence they can be confronted and excused from the life. 

I once had a trial that lasted three weeks that as I look back on it I consider it to be some thing like what Job went through. Meaning that the devil was given permission to let me have it with both barrels. During that time. About a half a dozen people offended me in different ways and I just felt wave after wave of anger and hatred, such as I have never felt before in my life. I never expressed any of it but I was boiling inside. During that time friend was sharing what they had been learning about self hatred and every time they spoke of it I felt like running out of the room screaming. It made me realize how much I hated myself. So I finally sat the individual down and I said, "OK, what did you do to deal with this?" She said that she looked in the mirror and raise her hands towards the reflection and bless her self and told her self how much she love that person in the mirror. 

I sat there quietly looking at her but inside I wanted to gag. It seemed narcissistic at best and I didn't think I would ever try that method of learning to love myself.

At the end of three weeks I was sitting on the edge of my bed and it was like I was in the eye of the storm. I could see all the events of the past 21 days whirling around me sort of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and she was ascending in the tornado. But I was in such a quiet place I could not be drawn into the passion of those experiences anymore. Then I heard three words spoken into my mind, "That's not you!" 

In those three words it seem like gigabytes went into my mind. I could see very clearly that it is a familiar spirit that I had been identifying with. It was his thoughts and his goals and I and so identified with them that I accepted them as my own. Satan hates God's Son and there's nothing he can do to harm him but he can try to destroy the temples in which He lives. He can get people to fight and war against each other and laugh all the way to the bank (Pit).

What an amazing revelation that was to me I remember looking to the side as though I was looking in the face of this demon and could see that he was now exposed and they no longer needed to identify with his hatred. You know the scripture says that the truth shall make you free. It doesn't say that you will be set free. But God has his way of deliverance from sin by making you aware what is happening in the spiritual realm so that you can participate with him in seeing with his glasses the illusion that dark spirits cast upon your imagination. So it is by the enlightenment of truth that one is made free from these familiar spirits.

I'm very certain that the sexual promiscuity that people are feeling and dealing with is nothing more than a familiar spirit. Ellen White says in the Desire of Ages page 668, "If we consent he will so identify himself with our thoughts and aims so blender hearts and minds into conformity to His will, that when obeying Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses." I believe that this principle is available to either spirit. The spiritual identification by suggested thoughts opens the door to the heart and mind. This is how dark forces hijack our life, all it requires is for us to consent. And consent can be given in the most subtle ways because the suggestions that come to us are always spoken in first person and we tend to think these are our own thoughts. Yes the thoughts and the voice in our head is so familiar we think it's ours but as I was told, "That's not you".

Like a computer hacker, demons suggest thoughts and when they see expressions on our face that we have accepted those thoughts they know that they've gained entrance to our life. After doing so they corrupt the software, change passwords and take control of the soul. slowly over time the dark spirit becomes so identified with the soul that they can easily arouse feelings that we are something other than what God created us to be. They can suggest feelings that we've always felt this way, we were born this way, we can't help ourselves. These are lies from the pit. It's all an allusion it's just a trick by the dark forces that rule this world. If a soul is willing to believe God's view of their life, "That our old man was crucified with Christ that the body of sin might be destroyed." Romans 6 This is how one lives by faith they have the faith of God. They choose to believe what God believes. He is telling us that in His eyes our fallen nature is destroyed and left in the tomb never to see the light of day. it has been the devils work to convince us otherwise. 

The just who live by faith, do not live by feelings nor the evidences of our senses.

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