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Joseph Lieberman

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He was an amazing person, a type of politician that we need more of. The world is better because of him. He was a godly man, and a thinker who really loved God and God's world. Once when in Washington DC for Air Force Training, on a day off I got to sit in the senate gallery and he was one of the Senators that I recognized.  I did not know this until hearing about his death on the news, but not only was he Al Gore's running mate on the democratic ticked, but despite him being a Democrat, John McCain seriously considered him for his running mate. 

When I heard of his death, I could not help but tell people "I hope that his death does not confuse people, to hear a good godly man and a politician", that they don't scratch their heads and say "Imagine that, two men in the same grave."

Another smile I heard on the news was, since he was a Sabbath keeper, that his staff used to say "Joe Lieberman, working for you 24/6"

Death is an enemy, but we can add smiles to our tears when someone has left such a legacy and resting in the blessed hope. 


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On 4/1/2024 at 12:15 AM, Kevin H said:

John McCain seriously considered him for his running mate

I hadn't heard that, but I'm thinking that if he had maybe he might've won. He had a real handicap with Sarah Palin!!


Obstinacy is a barrier to all improvement. - ChL 60
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