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2017 Unity Conference

Gregory Matthews

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Diversity in Adventism exists to a much greater degree than many understand.  In 2017 a Conference was held in an attempt to understand that diversity, and determine if a greater degree of unity would be appropriate.  The following link takes you to an article that discusses that Conference, and further links present the various papers that were presented at that conference. NOTE Amazon also sells a book on that Conference for $5.



The following is an interesting quote from the 3rd day of the Conference:



Unfortunately, among Adventists, the conviction that liberty of conscience and of religion should be recognized as an essential right of every person is not always matched by a genuine interest in what others actually believe. Often Adventists continue to cherish stereotypical views of what other faith communities stand for, or to hold on to facts that are no longer accurate. The traditional Adventist understanding of the Roman Catholic Church and of the Protestant churches as apostate communities, has all too frequently led to disrespectful statements and unbecoming conduct towards those who believe differently from what we believe in. It would, in my view, show a mature Christian attitude if we would not just grant others the right to worship and believe as their conscience dictates, but also show respect and a greater willingness to understand what they stand for, and to give praise where praise is due.”



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