Future of the SDA on Alcohol Consumption.

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  1. 1. If the General Confernence announced that Alcohol consumption would now be permitted for members, would you resign from membership in the SDA?

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Alcoholic beverages are being consumed by SDAs.  My wife belongs to our church's women's singing group (SDA) and every year they get together at a fancy hotel by the beach here in California and have a meal while planning their Christmas party.  The first time they did that my wife came back and mentioned to me that of the 10 women present, 7 ordered alcoholic drinks with their meal and of those, several ordered unclean meats as well.  My wife did not do these things, one other SDA woman did not either and there was a woman who was studying to become an SDA who also did not do these things (I have to wonder what she thought of this set of events?)  The next year, it was mostly a repeat of the previous year's drinking and eating behaviors.  Never mind that the pastor has preached against this and given good reasons as to why they should not be doing these things.  The last time they met I think the behaviors were repeated again.  So, I guess we all learn rather slowly! 


Its true that in Old Testament times there was the permission to buy strong drink at one or two of the feasts.  But only for that occasion were they permitted to do that.  In no other instance that I can think of were they given permission to do this at any other event or time.  I rather think this was permitted just as divorce was permitted, though it was not what God really wanted in them. 


In regards to the case of Nadab and Abihu, had they not been drinking, they would not have gone on and brought strange fire into the temple.  And I agree that this fire was not that which God had commanded them to bring before him.  But the drinking itself also was a problem for God because if you read Leviticus 10:9, God specifically told Aaron that he (and by extension, all who worked in the tabernacle) was not to drink strong drink before coming in before him or he would die.  So, the alcohol was an issue independent of the issue of the strange fire.  Thus, even had Nadab and Abihu not offered strange fire, they would have died because of being under the influence of strong drink in the presence of God.  If you notice the next two verses, God tells them to put a difference between that which was holy and that which was not holy.  Drinking alcoholic drinks is not a holy behavior, which God makes clear by these verses.


There are several health reasons not to drink alcohol in any quantity at all.  It is known to scientists that a number of cancers are caused by alcohol.  If you want to run a higher risk of getting cancer, then drink up!  But if you want to reduce your risk of cancer, then don't drink alcohol at all.  You'll be healthier for it, your friends and neighbors will be safer, your family will be safer, and you'll run a much lower risk of ending up in jail for a crime that you did while under the influence of alcohol.  Yes, getting hammered may be fun, but in the end you have a reasonable chance of being put in the slammer.


I recall reading a few years ago of a study that was done by a group of scientists.  They thought that since alcohol helps the heart (this is true only if you eat meat and is a relatively small effect), then it ought to help the brain. Ah, yes the wonderful human brain.  Protect it at all costs because it is YOU in there, after all, and there is only one brain for you.  You do not grow an extra replacement brain if the first one drops dead, unlike growing adult teeth after your childhood teeth fall out.  You also do not reside in your gut, your heart, or your spinal cord.  No, that brain is all you.  So, you have got to protect it.  Therefore, the scientists decided that since protecting the brain is such a high and valuable goal, they would do careful research into proving that alcohol protects the brain just as it does the heart.  BUT, they discovered, very much to their dislike, that THERE IS NO SAFE DOSE OF ALCOHOL at all.  Period.  Any amount of alcohol kills brain cells, no matter how low the dose, which very much surprised the scientists.  And enough DEAD brain cells means that you are no longer home in that skull of yours.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.  Better think about that for a while before you consider taking that next drink!  Maybe getting hammered isn't so attractive after all!

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We are christians and follow the Bible , and in Poverbs 20:1 , it teaches that we should not be drinking. Its wrong , and the church cannot change it.

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