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New York Times played into ‘age-old trope of Jewish power’ in its Hasidic schools series, ADL says | Fox News

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The above 2 links will take you to an article critiquing a NYT series that deals with corruption in the NY Jewish community vis-a vis taking government money to run a religious school, among other things.

The second link is to an organization, essentially whistleblowers, who have been calling attention to this issue for years.

Yaffed is staffed by members of the Jewish community. Some have ultraorthodox backgrounds. They allege that the Orthodox Jewish community has been doing for years, the following:

Taking money from entities that are not supposed to be financing religious education. Simply put, taxpayers are underwriting the religious education of children attending private Jewish schools, i.e., Yeshivas. Religious schools are required to provide a certain amount of secular education, which they aren't doing. Many graduates from these schools are unable to speak English when they graduate.  They also lack the basics that most secular schools provide.

Although Yaffed has been raising these issues for years, allegedly, the large numbers of Ultraorthodox in NYC vote as a bloc and have significant ability to impact elections.

The AntiDefamation league is accusing the NYT of antisemitism. If it is true, these accusations, telling the truth about what the Orthodox community in NY has been doing for years, should be a source of great concern to people who respect the principle of separation of church and state. There are certain things that people should oppose, especially if taxpayer dollars are flowing into the coffers of the Orthodox community.  

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